Games for Confidence are small, daily, action assignments that will help you train yourself to move toward life challenges that you might typically avoid.

The games will help you to build the capacity to respond at your best, even in circumstances where you feel stressed, incapable or hesitant to engage.

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Why We get Stuck in Our Lives

From our earliest childhood we prioritize any learning that helps us to avoid failure. That avoidance orientation removes us from the playing field of life.

While removing ourselves this way feels like safety in the moment, it actually contributes to our anxiety, because we're undermining confidence in ourselves at the same time.

That leads to further withdrawal from our lives in a downward spiral of disengagement.


We All Have Two Lives

On one hand, there is the life we have right now, the reality of our current circumstances. That’s a given.

But there’s also the life we imagine living a week, a month or a year from now.

The life you’re imagining living after today represents a dream you have for a new or better future. A future where you’ve reinvented yourself, responded to a higher calling, or improved the quality of your life or the lives of others.

What I’ve come to understand on my journey is that no matter what kind of transformation, reinvention or growth you’re looking for...

…you’re going to have to take some risks to get there.

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But Here's the Problem

The level of confidence we need to make our best lives and highest hopes come true is like the level of fitness we need to run a marathon.

We don't get in shape for an effort like that overnight.

It takes time.

Games for Confidence is a training program that will wake up, tone and strengthen the growth muscles we all need to create our best life and respond to our highest potential.

Just like you might go to the gym everyday to train for an athletic performance, you also must train a little everyday to build the self-confidence you will need to pursue your greatest potential.


Deceptively Simple and Deeply Effective

I've spent the last fifteen years studying people, psychology, business growth, personal and professional development models to find the most simple, effective and accessible practices for building inner strength.

These exercises are deceptively simple, but very effective when practiced consistently over time.

Sign up for FREE and I'll send you 3 sample games so you get a sense of how they work.

These exercises will give you a sense of how you can grow by making a small stretch in your daily action with Games for Confidence.


Common Questions About Games for Confidence

When do I play the games and how long does it take?

You run each game at a time that is convenient for you. Most of them take a few minutes or less.

What if I don't have any extra time in my day?

You don't need any extra time to engage the games. Most of the games you can play in the flow of your existing routines and commitments.

Do I play these games alone or with others? Do I have to get other people to play with me?

You don't need permission or participation from anyone else.

The existing interactions you have with those who are already part of your personal or professional life will supply you with all the circumstances you'll need to play the games successfully.

You don't even need to tell anyone what you're doing, though you are free to share the background about the games if you wish.

We Can All Use More Confidence

We all have areas in our lives where we operate with a degree of confidence and other areas where we feel anxious, inadequate or stuck with doubts and fears.

Over time, Games for Confidence will rewire your habits so you can gradually approach and gain competency in those parts of your life where you hesitate.

Maybe you're great at work, but nervous in relationship.

Perhaps you play sports like a warrior, but freeze when you have to speak in front of a group.

You may be the greatest person in the world when it comes to taking care of others, but you can't take care of yourself.

These are all issues of confidence.

Games of Confidence will naturally help you find the areas of our life that could use a confidence boost, and with just a small commitment to make minor adjustments to your actions, you can enjoy the feeling of growing in confidence daily.

The secret power of the games' is in the consistent application of them.

  • Jen Westra - Communications and Outreach Coordinator Spokane Community College
    Working with you has been the best training I have ever had the privilege to be involved with. There's that old saying about bathing and eating, like motivation, not lasting very long. Which is why it's recommended daily. I think that's the perfect metaphor for our work with you.
    Jen Westra - Communications and Outreach Coordinator Spokane Community College
  • Bridget Kariotis - Benefits and HR Administrator at Horizon Credit Union
    The effects of the daily practices can be seen both in my professional life as well as my personal life. I am a better employee, wife, mother, friend, daughter and I am even a better stranger!
    Bridget Kariotis - Benefits and HR Administrator at Horizon Credit Union
  • I signed up for the daily practices to get inspiration for personal and professional innovation. They help me to better apply myself to the challenge of functioning from excellence.
    Cori Short - Cigna Business Project Manager


Say Goodbye to the Expensive Workshop and Hello to Consistent Growth

The games serve as a powerful form of habit engineering, gently and playfully bringing your attention to small changes you can make in ordinary behaviors that will make a big difference in your life.

With Games for Confidence you practice new behaviors in the context where you want change to occur, rather than in an expensive workshop where you feel clear and powerful in the training, but then feel stuck once you're back in your daily environment and faced with real life.

Start your three-game trial today and you'll experience the truth of what I'm describing.

Go ahead — leave your old limits behind.